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Natural from Catherine Op de Beck

Collection Baptized By Nature – “baptized nature” created out of the materials that we consider waste. Katrina was knitting for the wood-based long-term suffering the impact of the sun, wind, sand, water. One that pollutes rivers during floods and floats down the river many, many miles – snags, thick branches, trunks of fallen trees. Materials for Katrina chooses, strolling along the beach. All the pieces of wood are easy processing (cleaning, sawing), without prejudice to their natural beauty, and are supplemented by other materials – stainless steel and aluminum. But all the attention, of course, is to engage the wood…


Create Some Interesting Pieces of Furniture

Belts can be more unusual after use, if you now how to process wisely. Many ideas and materials can provide good things in the house of which can be easily put into practice. There are a lot of old leather belts that were removed because of changing tastes, or a part is broken, or maybe the original owner just got too thick. You can do is make the old and useless belts and not be such a chair is unique and simple. You can also make beautiful bracelets out of old belts or other decorations.


Eco-friendly kitchens

These dishes are a comfortable, interesting, and clean. All furniture and materials made from recycled materials. Many of the dishes are, so that the window across basins. Paul on many cuisines made from natural materials. Many dishes use a technique, which itself is turned off and saves energy. Create a selection disposal in your kitchen or with fitted bins or stand alone design is a great idea for busy, family kitchen.

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