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The most luxurious house in London | Roehampton Gate London SW15

London is the ideal city for a jet-setter and the luxury real estate market has a long history. Its international population and the strong demand for luxury homes are also due to a tax system reasonable to good schools and its large financial center. It is not easy to find a perfect luxury property that is really “value for money”.


Luxurious bed “cocoon” of HiCan

For those who like to be pampered, this is simply nirvana. This system is a luxury bed from HiCan – a sort of “cocoon” for recreation and entertainment. The design has been produced in a modern minimalist hi-tech with rich functionality. There are blinds that can be pulled out to dive into a peaceful sleep. The bed is also equipped with a powerful modern sound system, a reading lamp, built a personal computer and multimedia additions in the form of gaming and entertainment consoles. All this is connected to the projector, and you can enjoy movies and high-definition screen of…


10 luxurious interior design ideas

Luxurious interior, many may not realize someone they may not like it, but for the most part many people want to go to expensive apartment to see how life works in such areas. Incoming search terms: interior design

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