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The kitchen- before and after

This light kitchen looks quite effectively. Everything is harmonious and laconic in it. All necessary things are on the places. Design of white kitchen is classic, it is always stylish. You will tell: “it is white!” Certainly! And it is its advantage. White color amazingly contrasts with the steel gray. Is it easy soiled? Anything similar! Not more than usual kitchen surfaces if to look after them. Any pollution even is better visible on a white working surface and many owners consider it as advantage. At the first three photos you can see the kitchen before the alteration. Don’t be…


Striking shelf in the interior

Shelves as a special decoration appeared long ago. And most of all they were created in rich homes and temples. A new wave of interest in them has gone from the wide use of drywall. Now, even with a minimum investment of funds in the room, you can create an “island of luxury.” And if you add a contrasting color or a more expensive material (decorative plaster or stone), plus even the simplest local illumination, the niche will be the main decoration of the interior. If the niche install shelves (plasterboard, glass or MDF), it can be used more functionally….

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