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Modern interiors are bright kitchens

Modern Designer Mal Corboy clearly has the talent to create dishes. He creates magnificent interiors, infusing into their space perfect balance of light and dark elements, warm and crisp texture, the elements of nature and ambient light.


Surreal furniture from the studio THE: ZOOM

ZIP: PER – witty surreal collection of elements of the situation of the studio furniture design THE: ZOOM. The concept of the project – a huge zipper, which is discovered to form creative solutions traditional functional elements.


Jackie lamps by Joseph Novell and Josep Puig

The collection includes a table lamp, floor lamp, suspended lamps and sconces wall. Two concentric cylindrical elements made of methacrylate have come together to form a shadow of each lamp. As you can see in the photo below features, different materials can be inserted between the two transparent elements personalize each lamp and receive different types of lamps and chromatic effects. You can adjust the lamp Jackie so it will fit your decor, but one must be very careful not to burn the tissue.

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