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Funny bird-house

NeighBirds – this is a birdhouse that you can hang in your home, so you and your kids can watch the birds. Title birdhouse is a play on words. The word “neighbor” is translated as a neighbor. NeighBirds can hang anywhere near the house, if necessary, even to move (but note that if the birds have already moved there, then you can not touch it!). An excellent opportunity to get acquainted with the world of birds up close. Birdhouses made ​​by hand, raw sprig made ​​for more convenience. There is in this collection are not only birdhouses and feeders but.


Summer Home

We are tired of winter, like heat and bright colors? This post is for those who are so ready soltse, summer, and flowers. Flowers, perhaps, will be the primary source for inspiration and maintain the necessary air as long as possible.


Examples Shabby-chic

In the style of Shabby chic is now fashionable to draw not only the cafe. All that before would have been considered a “state of emergency” wall and floor – now exposed to the outside. Incoming search terms: shabby chic ideas

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