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Design ideas kitchen tile

Kitchen is a place which gathers all the members of the family together. The kitchen should be cozy and its design has to be not only attractive but also functional. All this means that designing and decorating kitchen is an important task and the owner should approach to this decision intelligently.
How many options of finishing the working space in the kitchen do you know? Decorating kitchen, we must think about easy cleaning of working space. It’s also important to choose the right variant because of various culinary smells that are often absorbed there. The finishing tile, perhaps, is the most known option which occurs at once.

It was thought up in 1900 by designer Hector Gimar, one of the founders of Art Nuvo style. It is a product which was born almost at the same time with industrial design; it is actual now and will be demanded in the future. I think, what you have already guessed why the tile called Metro? Just the same tile issued metro stations in Paris, New York, Moscow. For example, cut ceramic tiles decorate the corridors and arches of the Parisian subway from the moment of its opening. Metro tile is widespread. It can be seen in many public places: fashionable cafes, shops, service premises, and of course in the apartments of citizens.

This tile is simple, recognizable and stylish. It is possible to stack it not only across, but also down. Besides, it is pertinent in any style decisions. It can be used in semi-antique kitchens and classic ones, modern style kitchens and country kitchens, and, of course it is suitable in hi-tech kitchens.

So, it is worth preferring this tile if you:
1 . love all modern and fashionable, you want to choose a tile which will give the identity to the kitchen;
2 . don’t want to spend a lot of time cleaning the surface with various detergents (the tile doesn’t absorb smells and it is easy to clean, this prevents you from wasting valuable time washing kitchen, you will be able to spend it for more pleasant things, for example for communication with close people while having a tasty dinner);
3 . want something unusual (the tile can be laid not only across, but also down).

The Metro tile is the classical tile executed in the best European traditions. Throughout almost century it is very popular in refined France and the sustained England. One of the main features of this ceramic tile is its relevance in interiors of any time that confirms the true value of the material checked by time.

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