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Bright apartment in St. Petersburg

A fully redesigned apartment in Khrushchyovka with bright walls, a podium for home performances, and a table football. OWNERS Vanya – a software testing engineer Tasha – PR-director of table games chain stores Son – Bosya METRIC AREA 44 sq.m NUMBER OF ROOMS 2 FLOOR 2 CEILING HEIGHT 2.5 m Vanya, Tasha, and their son Sebastyan moved into the apartment near the metro station “Primorskaya” in 2009. At first the spouse rented it, and they decided to buy it in a year in spite of uncomfortable layout of a typical Khrushchyovka. In order to make the premise liveable, the…


Apartment in Pop Art

Two-room apartment in pop art style with suspended bubble chairs and reproduction of “210 Coca-Cola Bottles” by Andy Warhol. OWNER Arkady – an interior designer METRIC AREA 90 sq.m NUMBER OF ROOMS 2 FLOOR 9 CEILING HEIGHT 3 m Arkady working as a designer of the studio Bar&Club Design bought the apartment in Kopernik street in 2005 when the house was being built, and moved into it only in August of this year. He worked at the interior design by himself. It took him a month to develop the concept, and the repair took four months. While thinking over the…


Decor ideas for the bathroom

Bathroom design consists not only of the form or appearance of the tiles plumbing. It is very important color decision, and the scale of finishing materials (tile size, picture size, color) and dimensions plumbing fixtures. In small spaces, do not use large tiles (eg 45 x 45 cm) and bulky equipment, and dark shades and large paintings on tiles or panels.


Spring Bath Decor

Designers from the studio offered Sanindusa spring minimalist design modern bathroom called Spring Bath Decor.


Interior design ideas for the bathroom

If you ever upset by the fact that a small proportion of the bathroom limit the ability to implement your vision of beauty and comfort, this project will try to at least inspire you to hope!


Accessories for the bathroom and laundry room

Accessories for the bathroom and laundry room. Convenience in the interior plays a very important role. You can choose these ideas to make your bathroom better. Incoming search terms: small laundry room ideas


Bathroom: layout and decor

Bathroom – one of the smallest, but most capital facilities in the apartment. However, in recent years, together with cash and investments grow square footage. Incoming search terms: bathroom layout

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