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Stash the hands of improvised

We bring to your attention a new master-class on making fun boxes with texture zebra. Unusual for a needlework casket with his hands made from an old shoe box, which will be found in any home. It is possible to lay down their tools and materials for creative, you can think of other uses.


Beautiful flower garden of an old barrel

A new idea for landscaping the garden. The idea of how old barrels a barrel for the colors with their hands out of wood. Beautiful mini-flower-bed of an old wooden barrel. It looks very creative, and takes up little space in your yard or balcony. View the photos and go to work!


Apartment in Florence

This beautiful apartment with Florence, Italy, plays all the bright colors of the rainbow! Red, yellow, blue, green and other cheerful and bright colors give this unusual interior charm. It is obvious that in these apartments live bright and creative people: built with such irony interior design can not belong to the skeptics and nerds. Every detail is wanting to peer review and without taking his eyes, each color instantly becomes the favorite because bright and beautiful and eye-catching.


Creative eco-shelving by Italian designers

Designers of Italian design Capolinea Design created a book shelf eco-Combo, materials for the manufacture of which were selected recycled pulp, board and iron pipes, get a second life, having exhausted its primary functions.


Creative wall ceramics “Dent Cube”

The inventors of the Japanese company INAX come up with some great options for wall tiles. Ceramics “Dent cube» (Dent Cube), first presented at Cersaie in Bologna in 2011, is a three-dimensional granite shell, which can be used to create self-sufficient artistic walls. This design is interesting, because it mixes a variations of geometric shapes and colors that can decorate the original space, both outdoors and indoors. The cells in the tiles may be filled with glass of different colors, wood or other materials. The pattern on the wall sets a rhythm the entire space as a whole.


Overview creatively decorated with Christmas dishes

New Year to our races, and to have time to get ready for his arrival, and to meet the New Year fun and delicious, and we have to rush you. Gifts for family and friends for Christmas trees and decorations, for champagne and mandarin oranges, well, for other products from a long list, which on the eve of the New Year will turn into delicious dishes. And our current, pre-review, just dedicated to the most original, creative decorations Christmas dishes.


CHRISMY – Alternative Christmas Tree in Spanish

Each year, the green movement, promoting the conservation of nature, urging people not to install in the homes of the living tree, a life which, instead of possible future decades will break through the merry month of the winter holidays. Spanish architect Teresa Sapey has developed a creative interpretation of the Christmas tree CHRISMY, producer of which became the Spanish company VONDOM.

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