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Wicker lamps from Chile

These lights look very cozy and comfortable, and thanks to the beautiful lighting will make a magical aura’s who wove these amazing lights. These lights seem very cozy and comfortable, and thanks to the beautiful lighting will give a magical aura.


Small and handy kitchen

Nowadays it is very important functionality and compact size for any room. On these photographs show a comfortable and a little kitchen that will not take up much space in your home. The photograph shows the simplest dresser, but opens the top cover as we offer a compact kitchen. Under the top cover can be found: a sink and the two boards also have drawers for storing dishes, and there is even a refrigerator for food storage.


Beautiful rug for the bedroom

The bedroom is the most familiar and cozy place for a person. That person falls asleep in the bedroom and greets the new day, so the room should be comfortable with. The bedroom should be paid much attention to detail, exacting bedside rugs are a part of comfort and coziness is to choose the rugs with a large stack.


Bright furniture Bokja from Lebanon

These bright interiors, comfortable seats are built on the basis of a complex woven fabric, these items have created a Lebanese designer Hoda Baroudi and Maria Hibri, they made interesting and vintage chair with beautiful vintage ornaments. Designers are buying old antiques, and update their old life, buying beautiful materials from Asia.


Very functional table with a set of shelves

Designer Reinier de Jong has made an interesting coffee table. This plan created a modern table that gives an interesting comfortable and functional rectangular table made of wood, this table can be decomposed in several forms, looks very interesting. This table can be used for storing books, magazines, so that they are not scattered all over the house. The customer can choose the material, which he likes, oak, beech, what you most enjoy.


The compact design of the sofa GamFrates

Design Studio has created a new sofa GamFratesi Haiku, a sofa is produced in the classic Japanese style savoir. This sofa looks very nice and beautiful, it is cozy and comfortable. One side of the sofa hard and sofa inside is soft and comfortable. It can be felt just sitting down or lying down on it. This sofa has a few models, and it is designed for 1 person and 3 person.


Using an old washing machine to create unique seating

Modern designer Antonina Grigoryan – one of the graduates of the Israeli National Academy of Arts. This cute girl has come up with his own hands and made the original three comfortable armchairs of only a broken washing machine. Designer Antonina believes that their old things definitely need to do something in order not to clutter up the environment, and to give a second life to old things.

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