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The Best Looks that Wood Flooring can Help You Achieve in Your Home

If looking to update a room in your house, you may have your end goal in mind. A good base for any room is of course the flooring. Wood flooring in particular is great as the possibilities you can create from it are endless. Choosing natural flooring with, for example, opens up your space to a whole range of looks that can easily be transformed as your taste changes, without the need for your floor to be updated also.

Whether you’re working towards a minimalist feel, a vintage decor or bold atmosphere, we’ve devised a list of some of our favourites, and how to work your desired look around natural wood flooring.

Modern contemporary
Modern contemporary designs focus heavily on minimalism, so if you want to achieve this simple yet classy look, ditch the clutter. Go for simple furnishings, mainly in neutral colours, and if you desire, add pops of complementing colour. As you can see from our examples, a range of shades of wood flooring will work with this look. The grey choice is particularly current, and is good for more busy rooms, as it will add an element of coolness to keep your room up to date. Choose clean lines and bold furniture to keep the look modern and classic.

A timeless and elegant look, the vintage feel is most generally achieved with more lighter and natural wooden tones. White also works brilliantly, if you fancy going for coloured flooring, or colouring the floor you have already. Anything gentle and subtle will be best for this design, as the whole colour palette is muted. Stick with pinks and whites, which will add a feminine feel to any vintage space.

Don’t be afraid to go for dark flooring, as they can actually achieve a really interesting and unique look. Combine dark or black floors with white or other light colours like grey, to brighten up the space and to make the room modern. Keep contrasting colours to a minimum so that you don’t draw attention to specific spaces, keeping the focus on the room in its entirety. The black and white design is good for giving a more expensive feel also, which could be useful when considering selling your home.

Very popular in more traditional houses, but the rustic, or ‘shabby chic’ look can also easily be achieved in more modern housing. Wood is an essential component when creating a rustic feel. Choose a statement floor colour; either deep oaks or light shades are good choices, depending on your tastes. Exposed brick work is another good feature of a rustic room. If you are not so keen on the more natural appearance of the wood, you could even paint it to fit in with the rest of your interior.

Statement colour
Bright colours are no longer restricted to the kids’ bedrooms. With clever flooring and furnishings, statement colour pops can work really well with a range of shades of wooden flooring. If you’re new to the statement colour scene and want to ease yourself in, a good rule to start with is generally, the lighter the wood, the lighter the colour you should go with, and vice versa. If you’re not quite ready to take the plunge into an entire colour transformation, opt for bright soft furnishings, such as cushions or rugs to brighten up your space.

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