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Small and handy kitchen

Nowadays it is very important functionality and compact size for any room. On these photographs show a comfortable and a little kitchen that will not take up much space in your home. The photograph shows the simplest dresser, but opens the top cover as we offer a compact kitchen. Under the top cover can be found: a sink and the two boards also have drawers for storing dishes, and there is even a refrigerator for food storage.


Functional furniture from the company Vipp

A Famous company Vipp has created an interesting solution to the kitchen, this tune was presented as modern, practical and functional furniture that has already been successfully used in the kitchen. The main advantage of these forges it is entirely constructed of stainless steel. Harmonious design and laconic lines gained recognition cuisine is presented in the classic colors: Black and white and gray version, it seems nice and simple.


Beautiful kitchen in pink

Which would you like to see the kitchen? Blue? Red? Or pink? Some people think that juicy and bright colors look gaudy, but this collection of bright pink kitchen pictures in this dissuade you. Bright Pink wallpaper or pale colors set the tone for the entire kitchen, create a mood, a kitchen that is refreshing and attracts. Pink Kitchen is very large, so you can make a couple and enjoy every minute of it.


Unique furniture and a minimalist

Kenchikukagu – furniture system that allows optimal use of floor space and even decorate the interior. It is developed in regard to the needs of residents of cities (and not only), which in the apartment (in the house) is not enough room. Each component Kenchikukagu able to turn into the meeting room, quickly and in a very limited area. The system consists of three Kenchikukagu “rooms” – the kitchen, office and bedroom. When folded, each looks like a wooden suitcase on wheels – convenient, easy to move, and in the case of uselessness does not take much space. But in…


Rounded table in the kitchen

Very comfortable kitchen. Here and all you need for cooking, and a work area and a dining table. The first on this theory breathed life into the Italian designers have long considered by lawmakers furniture fashion. By organizing the kitchen space in a circle and put it in the center of the hostess, the designers have significantly reduced the “running” of the woman in the kitchen. All you need – at your fingertips, moving from the surface of the cutting board or sink by turning the cage. And the use in the performance of steel and glass – the classic combination…


Innovations in kitchen design

This collection of innovative kitchens was created in 2009 by Splinter Works studio organized by talented and daring designers Miles Hartwell and Matt Withington. I present you unique inspiring kitchen collection that would excite tremble of rapture in anyone who would be lucky to see it with their own eyes. This collection is a masterpiece of kitchen design, engaging and inspiring, a real breakthrough the borders of engineering traditions. They question not only old standards and clichés, but it seems that even laws of physics. Their design is theatrical, bearing ideas of dichotomy and opposing of basic principles of constructing….


The bright design idea kitchen apron

Kitchen apron called fragment of the wall above the work surface. When choosing a kitchen apron is aware that you and your household members will have to look at it every day. The most elegant and beautiful, no doubt, be called glass kitchen aprons. Today it is the most practical and popular products. They bribe durability, integrity entire surface, ease of care, a variety of colors and ease. Translucent glass kitchen aprons particularly advantageous look as well selected illumination. Often, these products are made to order, and the other on the wall plate can be applied to any parent. Elegant…

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