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Laundry basket in the bathroom

Laundry baskets are usually hidden out of sight. But sometimes the laundry baskets are so beautiful and stylish that they can be safely put in the most prominent place in the bathroom. Incoming search terms: narrow laundry hamper , narrow hamper


A beautiful night light in the style of Shabby chic

All brilliant – easy! Glue the bottom of the lamp inside the pots (with Velcro-fastening these fixtures included), turn, reinforce the wall – and a stylish, convenient wireless nightlight is ready! Why did not I say “bra”? The light from such a lamp would be too weak to read. Although if you strengthen them somewhat above the bed.


Gorgeous glossy design ideas

Glossy kitchen – the real stars of modern interiors. Pastel or bright, but always stylish and trendy, they look like they work on them big-name designer. Here are some design ideas gloss kitchen. Distinctive features glossy kitchens – it metal parts finishing, high-tech elements and frequent use of the kitchen monoblock, which gives the interior a more urban view. If you do, however, want to soften the design glossy kitchen, dilute it with natural wood.


Swedish Style in the interior

In Stockholm, on the sixth floor of a building built in 1862 located this bright and stylish apartment in the Swedish style. The historic building echoes the spirit of contemporary design.


Wooden lamps and sculptures

Under the brand Split Grain American designer Paul Foekler (Paul Foeckler) creates stylish minimalist fixtures and sculptures of California cypress. Incoming search terms: WOODEN LAMPS


Sofas for living room

Modern stools not only look more stylish and aesthetically pleasing, but also considered a very practical piece of furniture for the hall, as may be supplemented drawers and shelves for storage. They can put whatever you may need when leaving the house, or immediately upon return, for example, umbrella, keys, tools for footwear and outerwear, the very shoes, cosmetics, shopping bags, purse and handbags, hats and other items. If you do not have space for wardrobe, such a functional stool in the hall will put even the most necessary.


The Top Five Trends in Updating a Master Bathroom

The definition of a “stylish” bathroom is always evolving, and many folks are finding that when it comes to the master bathroom, keeping up with the Joneses simply doesn’t fit their budget. Modern bathrooms are about creating a comfortable sanctuary without stepping on Mother Nature’s delicate toes. Here is a list of five of the most popular master bathroom trends and how to affordably recreate these looks in your own home. Incoming search terms: bathroom trends

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