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Functional modular furniture Ally

A beautiful collection of modular upholstered furniture Ally was made by German architects. Designers Peter Hertel and Sebastian Klarhoefer made comfortable chairs that can be converted into a sofa. Chairs are fastened together by magnets that are on the sides.


Scary and bold sofa

Charlotte Kingsnorth – a young designer from London came up and made this a fun sofa, it looks very impressive and very real.


Beautiful pillow cases Hand Made

These beautiful decorative pillow cases look simply amazing! Such originally pillows can brighten up your bed or sofa. These pillow cases are ideal as a bed for sleeping and for sitting room


Gorgeous furniture for your garden

Perhaps you think that if there is garden furniture where you can sit and while it would have a roof, so it’s only garden swing. But, as a collection of unusual garden furniture, which itself creates a shadow, do not always have a roof just swing for the garden. In this post is a stylish garden furniture – chairs and sofas, which cover your head from the sun cool and pleasant shade.


Sofa by Marianne Jensen

Designer Marianne Jensen Kleys created “Frigga” – sofa for one or two people. Project description from the designer: “Frigga” – this is furniture designed exclusively for one or two people. Here you can move away from the frailty and vanity of the world, to be yourself, to feel safe, relax and replenish energy. The form, which, as it hugs the sitting / lying creates a kind of a small cave, where you can climb to his feet and conveniently sit comfortably.


Sofa By GamFratesi

Architectural company GamFratesi cooperate with Fredericia Furniture for Haiku sofa. Sofas and Kersley Haiku was set design award 2012. This sofa is comfortable Haiku, shape, compact and practical flags of Japanese poetry, designed as a sensory images to show the warm emotions. Sofa haiku has beautiful legs, a hard shell and a nice cozy interior to create a feeling of protection and curiosity.


Sunbed from Marie Dessuant

Parisian designer Marie Dessuant created a sunbed, which can serve as a sofa / bench / stool especially for the collection firm Singularité. Frame furniture is made of beech wood, and a removable canvas, mattress and pillow – cotton. According to the designer: “The process of sitting on a stool,” Survey of ships coming “- a modern interpretation of the sunbed. And its removable mattress and pillows make the furniture more comfortable and mobile. ”

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