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Original solutions for storage of shoes from Ikea

Few people think about storing shoes in the house. More often than not buying cabinets for shoes become involved in last. At IKEA disagree and believe that contact with the shoes you need at less anxious than other things, so the designers of each year developing new and innovative solutions for storing shoes. Some of the ideas you can view these pictures.


New beautiful collection of dinnerware from Ikea

The new design collection of glassware IKEA not only has a beautiful design, but also can just wash in the dishwasher and used in any microwave. A beautiful collection of new dishes “Promenade” – a simple and deep plates, small bowls, which are decorated with various blue patterns, balloons and birds. The patterns on the dishes like the mosaic that forms a graphic pattern. The color combination is similar to an old Delft tiles, which will be appropriate for serving the holiday table. Author beautiful pattern designer Malin Okerblum says that if you look at the dishes from different angles,…


A three-room apartment in a reserved European style with BoConcept furniture

Galina and Sergey have lived in a three-room apartment in the north-west of Moscow for eleven years already. The apartment appearance was changed many times. First a cosmetic repair was carried out here, then the relayout was made in 2005. All rooms were isolated at that time, the bathroom and the toilet were not combined and corridors took up part of the space. In smoky summer in 2010 the owners transferred the air conditioner from one room to another as many other people did, they even slept in the living-room once and arrived at the conclusion that it was time…


Studio apartment in the Chinese style

OWNERS Anton – a writer, a journalist Anna – a model METRIC AREA 52 sq.m NUMBER OF ROOMS 1 FLOOR 4 CEILING HEIGHT 3.2 m A writer Anton Fridlyand bought a two-room apartment in an old house on Artema street five years ago. The owner decided to make the interior in Asian style after travelling around China, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, and Laos. His friend, an architect Ilya Kabalov, helped Anton to execute the plan. Having considered various ideas, they agreed on a more neutral variant of design – comfortable for life and which keeps the aesthetics of a Chinese style…


One-bedroom apartment in the industrial style

A two-room apartment in industrial style with concrete ceilings and glass partitions. OWNERS Alena – a photographer Vitaly – deals in autobusiness METRIC AREA 70 sq.m NUMBER OF ROOMS 2 FLOOR 3 CEILING HEIGHT 3 m Vitaly and Alena moved into their “almost loft” in Kurkino two and a half years ago. They were attracted by a well-developed infrastructure, ecological cleanness, and a low building density of this district, located in the north-west of Moscow just outside the Moscow Ring Road and designed according to all rules of scientific urban planning at the time. The repair lasted for almost a…


Ideas for storing cosmetics

Quite common now chests can be used not only for storage of makeup in the car, but also at home. They can even be tiered. As for commodes, the most popular option – the legendary Fira from Ikea, the facade of which can be decorated at will. Another effective type commodes – a combination of compartments of different types, models from Pottery Barn is not only pretty, but also practical. Other options are similar to office – from the plastic in them, despite the brief appearance, very comfortable to hold cosmetics – transparency makes it easy to find any item.


Apartment of the Iinterior Designer Elena Nikitina

Elena Nikitina was keen to use area to the maximum leaving the space opened in her own small apartment. A natural oak tabletop at full length of the room was made for a single-room studio with patterned walls and wallpaper from Fornasetti collection, and the opposite mirror wall expanded the space visually. Owner: Lena – an interior designer Number of rooms: 1 Metric area: 35 sq. m Ceiling height: 3 m Lena lived with her parents before the purchase of her own housing a year and a half ago. She searched her apartment in an old house in the north…

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