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Built-in exhaust hood

It is well known that during the meal cooking process a lot of various burning products are exhausted into the air. They may not only affect negatively your and your family’s health but also leave thin coat of oil and soot on the kitchen furniture, spoiling it and reducing its life term. This is why exhaust hoods are installed in almost every kitchen, and of course, they should fit the general design of the room. Being disposed directly above the stove, built-in exhaust hood captures smoke, smell, vapor and any other airborne impurities coming from food being cooked, and also…


The bright design idea kitchen apron

Kitchen apron called fragment of the wall above the work surface. When choosing a kitchen apron is aware that you and your household members will have to look at it every day. The most elegant and beautiful, no doubt, be called glass kitchen aprons. Today it is the most practical and popular products. They bribe durability, integrity entire surface, ease of care, a variety of colors and ease. Translucent glass kitchen aprons particularly advantageous look as well selected illumination. Often, these products are made to order, and the other on the wall plate can be applied to any parent. Elegant…


A corner in the kitchen for morning breakfasts

What can be better than breakfast in the morning with someone you love? Or a still calm beginning of the day spent with a cup of coffee along with early sunlight and slight breeze? Not only coffee can take away all the hours left unslept but also the place where you will drink it. A calm corner in the kitchen -which can be organized even in the smallest one – will relax you, give you energy, and put you in the appropriate for your working day mood. Besides, such a place can become a perfect spot to collect the whole…


Spectacular views of the beautiful homes in Portugal

This is a wonderful place located in Portugal, Alentejo, and called CasasNaAreia. Old rotten buildings have been converted into modern. The result was a room with four bedrooms, which erased the boundaries between civilized and wild vacation. The kitchen and the dining room instead of the floor – sand. The hotel is surrounded extend the rice fields, pine forests. The shadow is famous for its salt pans, stunning sunsets, dolphins and flamingos.


White kitchen. Don’t be afraid of the color!

Don’t be afraid to use white color in your interior! The same applies to the kitchens too, which often lack light and space. White color will add some light and air to this part of your home. White color is obtained when all light is reflected by a surface. It means that it is the brightest and the lightest of the colors, which will visually enlarge your kitchen, making it more lighted and bright itself. This is why it is often chosen for small or insufficiently illuminated rooms, like ones facing to the north or shaded by near-standing trees. Of…


The Bar Counter or the Way to Save Space

Bar counter is a quite convenient detail for the kitchen. After all it is possible to use it not only on its initial purpose. For example, it can quite replace a dining table and it of course helps to save a lot of space in the kitchen. Such way of using a bar counter is especially actual for a small kitchen. If there is a little empty space in the kitchen, the big dining table can occupy almost a half of it. Nowadays all members of the family have opportunity to gather at the dining table very seldom. It’s no…


Bright apartment in St. Petersburg

A fully redesigned apartment in Khrushchyovka with bright walls, a podium for home performances, and a table football. OWNERS Vanya – a software testing engineer Tasha – PR-director of table games chain stores Son – Bosya METRIC AREA 44 sq.m NUMBER OF ROOMS 2 FLOOR 2 CEILING HEIGHT 2.5 m Vanya, Tasha, and their son Sebastyan moved into the apartment near the metro station “Primorskaya” in 2009. At first the spouse rented it, and they decided to buy it in a year in spite of uncomfortable layout of a typical Khrushchyovka. In order to make the premise liveable, the…

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