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Interesting Ways to Revamp Your Kitchenware

We are all aware that small things can make a world of difference. This is also true in the kitchen, where time spent cooking often needs to be “spiced up”. One way to achieve this is to constantly reinvent the space you work in visually. You can choose to add some colorful tiles above the sink, hang an original looking pendant lamp to change the mood of the room or move some of the furniture around. But as I pointed out before, this post is about the little things. Which is why for today we gathered a few ideas on how to revamp your kitchenware.

#1. Custom-written plates

We found this inspiring set of plates over at Brooklyn Limestone; the creative mind behind it envisioned a decor for Halloween, centered around the work of Edgar Allan Poe. But the idea can be taken further and used for various events. How does it work? Take a few plates, a porcelain pen and some masking tape to use as guide when writing. Then start copying the text of your choice on the rim of the plate, or doodle something connected to the event. An adhesive stencil in the middle can do wonders. The result is fantastic, wouldn’t you agree?

#2. Rainbow Painted Wooden Utensils

If you have some free time on your hands and feel like adding some color into the kitchen, this idea is easy to implement. By using regular non-toxic craft paint, the wooden forks and spoons in your home can become part of a… rainbow. You can hang the partially-colored utensils on the wall or place them in a drawer-either way, they will be very easy to reach .

#3. Drawing Simple Patterns for a Modern Design

Porcelaine 150 markers can be of great help when revamping your kitchenware. In the two examples above, the drawing of two simple patterns led to a surprising looking table set. No talent required, no artistic inclination whatsoever, just a simple and clever idea which can completely turn around a dull series of plates and mugs. The set can be bought from IKEA; after drawing, baking the dishes for 35 minutes at 300 degrees is recommended to make the design permanent.

#4. Knitting Your Way Towards a Great Looking Table Set

Do you like knitting? Then check out these original tiny “clothes” which may not serve any major practical purpose (they do help with a better grip when the cup is hot, though), but look pretty as a picture. Here is a step by step tutorial on how to make your own “cup cozies”. And when you are done with that, go further and envision something similar for your teapot as well.

#5. Wood Glass Canisters

Wood and glass go great together, so why not use wood in order to spice up the glass items in your kitchen? We found these canisters for sale here if you are interested, but we believe that with a little effort, the idea can be successfully implemented at home. Even if it means buying some stickers with a wooden pattern and gluing them around the surface of the jars.

#6. Eyeball Tableware

Okay, we admit this tableware set does not look too friendly, but it made us smile nevertheless. Besides, it is not for everyday use- just for those times you need to scare someone off. Like on Halloween. Seen on Martha Stewart, the Eyeball Tableware set can be easily replicated at home. All you need is eyeball clip art, clear drinking glasses and plates, a flat brush and glue.

#7. Revamping Old Trays



We found this cool and easy to implement DIY project here and thought it would be a good addition to this post. In this case the process of revamping meant wiping the tray, sanding it and taping it off with painters tape in two stages. The result is a modern looking tray with an eye-catching chevron pattern.

#8. Bring on the Cathrineholm Style!

Cathrineholm enamel cookware stands out due to a lovely lotus pattern and bold colors. Although the Norway company closed in 1970, its products are still sought after today and some of them can be bought online here. But why not take this idea and improvise on regular plate sets? Display the resulting items near a color-contrasting wall like in the photo above for a magic visual effect.

#9. Plates as Wall Decor

If by now you got used to painting plates, here is an alternative use for them! By hanging irregular-shaped groups of plates in your kitchen or even in the living room (see example above), you get a fun wall decorations characterized by a high level of originality. Works great in a traditional or eclectic space, wouldn’t you agree?

#10. Tea Pots and Mugs as Flower Pots

Our final tip for the day is adding a fresh touch to your home by making a fun transformation. Use several teapots and mugs to create great flower arrangements. Whether you choose the simple version- placing some flowers in a cool set of coffee cups, or the slightly more difficult idea- painting some mugs or teapots in vivid colors, the effect is always spectacular.

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