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Beautiful vases made ​​of concrete

Modern Designer from Thailand Decha Archjananun invented a beautiful project Weight Vase, who became his undergraduate work at the end of the College of Art and Design in Switzerland. Vases are different from the simple understanding of the field. Each vase is composed of two divisions – the water tank, and the neck, which is designed to carry the flowers. Weight Vases accordance with these principles, the difference lies only in that the two parts are connected, as is usual, together. Here the water tank is constructed of concrete and some supporting steel rods flowers are an independent element.


Cute toy with flowers

Matteo Cibic proposes to acquire as a Tamagotchi … Cactus. Doomsday named by analogy with small trees bonsai. This miniature plant in a glass case can be a stylish interior decoration.


The use of hand in the interior

Designer Harry Allen has created a collection of hands for different uses in the interior, thus diversifying the range of hangers, candlesticks and vases. The hand can be easily attached to the wall, the result is a hand extended out from the wall with the original vase or candlestick. It looks as if someone pierced the wall and pulled my hand through it with flowers or candles. It looks funny and the idea is quite original.


Lampshade with their hands

Want to make a lampshade to the country, say – is difficult, nothing like that – it is easy! The material that will be required – is in any hardware store. A need, a set of lights, it is sold in the department of light in the garden department buy a vase for flowers and linen twine, and where are selling hardware for doors and locks, pick up just such a work piece with a hole in the middle.


Designer vase in the form of little people

Dressed up for the holiday – self-evident process. Elegant woman with flowers – birthday girl, a smart man with a bouquet – a guest at the festival. A man smartly decorated with flowers on the table or bedside table – it’s one of a series of designer vases Bloom My Buddy. “Flower comrades” by union of designers Niels van Eyck (Niels van Eijk) and Miriam van der Labbe (Miriam van der Lubbe), it’s something like vases toys for those who are not yet fully farewell to childhood, and in still love to create outfits for the dolls, pets and children…


Broken Flowers from John Shiremana

Artist and photographer John Shireman (Jon Shireman) created a remarkable series of Broken Flowers. Flowers that were frozen using liquid nitrogen, and then were divided into one thousand pieces. Incoming search terms: jon shireman


Spring in your home

Spring insistently knocking on our windows cheerful drops. The sun is shining brighter, just like spring birds singing. In nature, everything is changing, wakes up from hibernation. To brighter feel spring coming just need to refresh and update their home environment. If you still do not know the joy of spring awakening of your garden, then you should try it right this spring. You just bought a flower shop and noticed that he planted in peat and in the smallest pot. Flowers in the house always create a special atmosphere. The first spring flowers: delicate tulips, daffodils, violets liven and…

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