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Table-bed – the best solution for a small apartment

The wall bed has long been a great way to increase the free space in small apartments and rooms. But the decision that we want to offer you, so outside the box, in spite of all its apparent simplicity, it is necessary to talk about it separately. And it will be about how the situation in one piece to combine a bed and a desk.


Table in retro style

This table will be enjoyed by all music lovers. Table – audio cassette-style 90′s, perfectly fit into the interior recording studio will be a great piece of furniture in the style of Retro and Loft.


Screw table

Talented designers from the studio “IM Lab” created a table with a “screw” system of drawers. They are put forward around the axis, and not the usual guides.


Bookshelves of the table

Source of ideas for “Matt Carr’s ingenious biblioteca bookshelf” of such an interesting transformation of the old table in the bookshelf are coffee beans. As he saw the grains are cut in half and each half is a separate – and this was the embodiment of the idea of the half of any object to a subject. Here’s the idea – if you need a shelf, and to throw out the old table, then sawed it in half, and a little paint – you get the thing!


Before and after. Remaking a small table

Table with two drawers to rework already, apparently, been expanded. A thick layer of oil paint and a beautiful pattern on the top. To bring such a thing to a beautiful view requires a lot of patience – because all previous art we must first clean the paint. The final form is very pleased with its beauty, and the table does not become boring, thanks to the original coloring of the boxes.


Modern Concept Of Cook

This is a beautiful contemporary design. This table has several features that are needed in the kitchen. One table includes several funkits. Imagine in one table are: stove, sink, cleaning unit, dishwasher, oven, kitchen and storage items.

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