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Lamp «Rim» ​​by Japanese designer Jun Yasumoto

While in Paris, the Japanese designer Jun Yasumoto has created a collection of lamps, which gave its name – «Rim». Table lamp itself is a very simple design. The lamp is fixed at a flat fabric shade set, which revolves around the light source. Tripod lamp made ​​of steel. Table lamp emits a soft and warm light. «Rim» ​​was presented at the Paris Design Week 2012.


Table Lamp Dirk Winkel

Berlin designer Dirk Winkel created a table lamp-Winkel W127, for the Swedish company WestBerg. Slim, a table lamp is made of solid fiberglass-reinforced bio-polyamide. The mechanism of the lamp is based on mikrogazovyh springs, which are used in the luminaire housing, allowing adjust the height and direction of the light bulbs themselves are widely used in the automotive and electronics industries, the service life of more than 50,000 of contractions, which gives exceptional quality movements. The manufacturer describes the product as – “The lamp has a light direction control for universal coverage. Light table lamp technology is based on the…


Takka – furniture collection series Agnieszka

In Poland, on the basis of design construction Agnieszka Mazur, had created a series of furniture called – Takka. Mnogofunktsionalnyynabor furniture designed for small and closed prostranstv.Komplekt furniture consists of a table and two chairs. Height stolareguliruetsya with a specially designed screw-butterfly. The design of the table allows you to use it as a table – with a height of 75 cm and a coffee with the height – 48 cm when the table is not used, it is possible to save space folded chairs – substituting them to the table.


Table of three triangles X-Plus Table

Presented designer Ksaoksi Shi (Xiaoxi Shi) and awarded in the competition red dot award in 2011, the concept of X-Plus Table – is a construction of three triangles.


Portrait in Chair by Akio Hayakawa

Looking at the chair you would think that it was not made in full, but this is not the case. Japan designer Akio Hayakawa has created a chair that distorts the traditional chairs. According to Akio, a new axis, which is deformed along the seat and back of the plate, hiding direction of the department, as he sits in connection with its use. For example, the chair will not sit at the same level, when used with a desk or table, as the user would have to tilt it medially or laterally to get the proper ergonomics. “Manipulating axis affects…


XTable by KiBiSi

XTable a comfortable table created in Denmark by KiBiSi designers. XTable it manually height-adjustable table, the truth is convenient? Part of the office equipment that accommodates multiple jobs and daily shifts. XTable uses hand kinetic energy instead of electricity to adjust the height – saves energy and keeps active users. All specifications are structurally integrated into the countertop, you see it’s convenient. It uses the age-old principle known from carjacks, ironing boards and other symbolic means. This principle, combined with the registration of a radical restructuring of the traditional office desk. XTable designed with extra storage solution for office supplies…


Doppeldecker Table hides your workspace to double as a dining table

This word was coined for those people who have no special place for cabinets and steel, this model is versatile and can easily be transformed to suit you. Design Bernotat & Co, table Doppeldecker easily hide your workspace, and can easily turn into a dining table. The table has two levels to combine work and leisure in one unit. Table Doppeldecker, you do not have to worry about cleaning the work area every time you want a cup of tea with friends or dinner with the family. You can remove all predmetty, and close the lid, and the table is…

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