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Unique furniture and a minimalist

Kenchikukagu – furniture system that allows optimal use of floor space and even decorate the interior. It is developed in regard to the needs of residents of cities (and not only), which in the apartment (in the house) is not enough room. Each component Kenchikukagu able to turn into the meeting room, quickly and in a very limited area. The system consists of three Kenchikukagu “rooms” – the kitchen, office and bedroom. When folded, each looks like a wooden suitcase on wheels – convenient, easy to move, and in the case of uselessness does not take much space. But in…


Wooden shelf for a bicycle

All of us sooner or later, we can wonder how and where to store the bike in the apartment. We recommend that you do not reinvent the wheel, use a ready-made solution. Very simple shelf, which is not enough that serves as a fastener for the bike, so also works as a shelf! This solution saves space, which is one of the major challenges for bicycle storage in the apartment.


A one-room apartment in a new building with loft elements and self-made things

OWNERS Mikhail – a flight operator Natalya – a bookkeeper Metric area 35 sq.m Number of rooms 1 Floor 2 Ceiling height 2.75 m Mikhail and Natalya moved into their own apartment in a new building more than a year ago. They had been furnishing the apartment for several months before housing. Their friends helped them to make cosmetic repair, but they made interior decisions by themselves. A substantial relayout was organized in the apartment for a start. At first part of the wall in the corridor was removed, and a kitchen with a bar counter instead of the table…


A two-room apartment with light interior.

OWNERS Yulia – a designer Denis – a marketing manager in a leasing company Metric area 56 sq.m Number of rooms 2 Floor 4 Ceiling height 2.9 m Yulia and Denis bought an apartment in a house near Bolshoy Prospect two years ago. They had rented an apartment before. But after they had calculated how much money they spent on renting, they decided that it was more profitably to buy their own housing. There was almost nothing in the apartment except for an old sink, a geyser in the kitchen, and an only operating socket. Only the bathroom was suitable…


Upholstered Stool Bench

Stool Bench is a perfect solution for both compact arrangement of the apartment, and for owners of large apartments. Especially it will be gorgeous for a home with panoramic windows, a place of rest is sure to become the favorite in the house for all family members and even pets. Stool upholstered bench – a place where you can be alone with a book or where to accommodate guests. Extra seat will never be more than a very spacious house, and the original design solution arrangement of the dwelling certainly be delighted guests. It is aesthetically pleasing and practical, because…


The Apartment of Marat Helman, an Art Critic

The Ostozhenka Street apartment belongs to Marat and his spouse and chief assistant Julia Helman for 10 years already. In the meantime redecoration has been done just once: in charge of the interior design was Alexander Brodski, a famous architect whose carrier started right from the Helmans’ apartment project. The house built in 1907 and ever since then known as the “house-under-the-jigger” has an extremely complicated architecture, plenty of annexes and side wings. Just as the Helmans were beginning to move in, it was a communal, shared apartment. The two accommodations with broken partitions embracing an area of about 160…

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