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An apartment on Vasilyevsky Island with a sea themed interior, many pictures, and an English stove in the kitchen.

HOSTS Pavel – a professor of the University, Yulya – culinary master-class hostess in LavkaLavka, Alisa – goes to a kindergarten NUMBER OF ROOMS 4 METRIC AREA 105 sq.m CEILING HEIGHT 3.3 m Pavel, Yulya, and their daughter Alisa moved into their apartment on Vasilyevsky Island last year on their tin wedding. There was a five-room communal apartment here, but the hosts made a large-scale relayout immediately after the move. A wardrobe room was arranged in one of the premises. There are neither chests of drawers, nor wardrobes due to it. A small bedroom was combined with the kitchen. So,…


Multilevel apartment in a former laundry

Multilevel apartment in the former laundry with a separate entrance, rack-staircase and underfloor wardrobe room. HOSTS Yury – a producer, Evgeniya – an architect, Petya – their son NUMBER OF ROOMS 3 METRIC AREA 80 sq.m CEILING HEIGHT 3.8 m Yury, Evgeniya and their son Peter moved into their apartment on Kamennoostrovskoy prospect of Petrogradskaya storona in June 2010. The family head always dreamed to live in this house because of its unusual history. The building was built for St. Petersburg professors by order of the Culture Ministry in 1956. There was a separate entrance on the first floor, some…


The apartment on the Avenue Bazhan

HOSTS Taras – a head of the youth organization “Compass”, Lyudmila – a manager NUMBER OF ROOMS 3 METRIC AREA 96 sq.m CEILING HEIGHT 2.7 m The family moved into their own apartment on Bazhana prospect several years ago. The hosts wanted to create a cosy and at the same time functional interior in which their wanderlust would have been seen. That’s why Taras and Lyudmila asked the designer Irina Pilipenko to think over the future appearance of the apartment. Rooms are designed in different styles and they convey the atmosphere of countries which caught the hosts’ fancy. The bedroom and…


Magnificent apartment in Reykjavik

HOSTESS Oyvur, a journalist, kittens Skokhta and Khosa  Metric area30.4 sq.m Number of rooms 2 Ceiling height 3 m NUMBER OF FLOORS 2 Oyvur purchased her first apartment in Reykjavik when she decided to move from her parents. Search criteria were simple: location in the central district 101, within walking distance from the university, and necessarily with the attic which can be transformed into the bedroom. Searches didn’t take much time, furthermore this offer was the cheapest among all other offers. The apartment location is almost ideal. There is a small store Drekinn just below windows, where essential products are…


Beautiful design country house in America

The owners bought an old little house, which stood on this spot, a few years ago, it was torn down and built a new house to come here for the weekend with family and friends. Construction was carried out over several years. Now the two-storey house of 450 square meters with five bedrooms, terracotta floors, pool, fireplace and a covered veranda for sale for five million dollars


Gorgeous cottage is bright red

The main feature of this house, is unconditional, it is the location – a hill overlooking a lake in the northern part of Sweden. During construction the owners wanted as little as possible to change something in the landscape, so the house is now surrounded by the untouched trees, meadows and hillsides. Interior space is decorated with extraordinary love and inspiration, and the white color gives it a “lightness” home.


Cozy one bedroom apartment in Moscow

HOSTESS Alisa – PR-director NUMBER OF ROOMS 2 METRIC AREA 108 sq.m CEILING HEIGHT 2.85 m Alisa purchased the apartment in one of the towers of Moscow-City in 2006, when the complex had been still under construction. The construction was delayed because of the crisis, and the repair took one more year. The hostess had a complete vision of her future dwelling and worked at the layout and the interior together with her friend – an architect Margarita Bezgina. They decided not to make too many walls in an empty perimeter. A large glass is mounted into the only wall…

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