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Bathrooms Wood

It’s a wonderful parade bathrooms inspired diverse traditions of different countries, shows how to find the pieces of inspiration in these luxury bathroom sets around the world. These interiors are not intended to give an idea of typical homes or bathrooms in a particular country, but in order to take a pinch of flavor from each culture, mix it with a good dose of flavor and the sea of fantasy.

Typical “Tuscan” turn in the interior emphasizes the old wooden beams, painting a dark spot on the background of gentle ocher shade rest of the room.

This Greek version of the bathroom in the suite-style dates back to ancient times, with the ancient Greek art and color palette, and at the same time preserves and modern design motif in the approach to planning, equipment and accessories.

Rich Moroccan approach is very organic in this stunning, passionate purple palette with luxurious shimmering mosaics.

The patio in Zen breathing clean air classic Japanese epic and inner harmony.

Chinese traditional luxury with shiny silver accents adds a delicate design of the room and a cold look.

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