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Kitchen Splashbacks – Fresh Ideas

Add Pattern
Who said a kitchen should be plain? Patterned kitchen tiles are becoming more and more popular as they bring a decorative element as well as being exceptionally hardwearing. Avoid bright white grout, which can be too stark and has a tendency to look grubby pretty quickly.

Photo Finish
Purldeco’s printed vinyl allows you to turn any photograph into a splashback. Designed to stick on to the back of toughened glass, you can opt for the personal touch, such as a favourite view, or choose from the company’s extensive online gallery.

Mirror Mirror
Light and bright, mirror is a beautifully subtle choice for a splashback, especially if you choose an aged finish. It suits all styles and brings glamour to the room, but mirror glass cannot be toughened in the same way as ordinary glass so opt for a safety backing film, and exercise caution when using heavy pans etc to avoid knocks.

Art Glass
If you are after something more unusual than the standard glass splashback, take a look at art glass or fused glass. Made to order by a designer-maker, you will have some say in the design and the colours used, resulting in a unique piece and a true focal point.

Painted Panel
Choose the right finish and you can create a splashback using paint that will withstand moderate use and gentle cleaning. Acrylic eggshell or even an exterior timber paint will give a pretty tough finish on wooden panelling, provided you use the right primer and undercoat, and you do your prep properly. You can wipe clean with a damp cloth and household detergent.

Natural Beauty
Stone is an incredibly tough option, available in a wide range of colours and finishes. Marble, with its striking grain patterns, is a popular choice right now and looks fabulous teamed with painted cabinetry or natural wood.

Classic Charm
Brick tiles are a classic, especially when laid brickbond pattern. White and grey are the ubiquitous options – harking back to the Art Deco era — while muted shades such as a grey-ish green or the mulberry shown here are striking options for classic and country kitchens.

Bold Splash of Colour
The beauty of the backpainted glass is that you can choose any shade you like so why not make it something with impact. Your glass company will come to measure up and will make a template that takes in features such as electrical sockets. Always opt for toughened glass where possible. Be prepared to wait for your splashback — it can take several weeks from measuring up to installation.

Industrial Chic
Cool to the touch and germ resistant, stainless steel is the choice for the professional kitchen. It gives a utilitarian look that suits modern kitchens and utility rooms.

Perfect Match
Too many elements can crowd a small kitchen and one of the neatest solutions is to choose the same material for splashbacks and worktops. Stone, laminates such as Formica, stainless steel, and composite materials including Corian, Silestone and Caesarstone, are all suitable materials, and some of these can be specified with inset sinks in the same material for a totally seam-free finish.

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