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Some Country Kitchen Ideas

Kitchen is the coziest place in the house. We spend much time here - we cook food, we have breakfast, we have dinner, we have supper or we drink tea and coffee with guests. Here we create the culinary masterpieces to please our relatives. Kitchen is a place of privacy and heart-to-heart talks with close friends. It is a special place in the house therefore it’s very important to make the project of your kitchen functional and unique.

How to optimize kitchen space, how to make that all elements would be combined? How to make the kitchen really cozy?
Does the country kitchen differ from the modern city kitchen?

1 . First of all, a country kitchen is usually larger than a city one. It is possible to place a set of useful subjects there organically. For example jars and pans hanged out on the perimeter of the kitchen aren’t relevant in the city kitchen of 7 square meters, but will remarkably fit to a country kitchen interior.
Create the atmosphere for rest and unification with nature decorating your kitchen with the bouquets of wild flowers or a linking of herbs and mushrooms. Add the bright-colored elements of interior, use the bright textiles, feel the breath of summer in your country kitchen.

2. Natural materials such as wood, brick and stone are often used for the design of the country kitchen.

3.Warm pastel colors (pale yellow, lilac, gentle-blue, light green), or, on the contrary, saturated colors (white, bright yellow, cobalt, emerald-green, red, turquoise) can prevail in decoration of kitchens or as primary color of walls, or in coloring of kitchen furniture.

4. Furniture. Ancient cases, buffets, chairs, benches, or issued “semi-antique” can be used. The same concerns also kitchen utensils: buckets, ladles, frying pans, pans, pots – all with history, with cracks here and there, with a small raid of a soot.

Kitchen in the country house gives a scope for creativity to it’s owner. The large space and lack of any imposed conditions give the opportunity to choose any design and filling of the kitchen the owner wants. Having watched photos, you will be able to be convinced of it. Maybe you will like some ideas and use it in your country kitchen.

The first selection will show how it is possible to organize space correctly – various lockers, buffets, hooks and shelves:

The second selection of photos will show you what tables, chairs, soft corners and sofas could be chosen. You‘ll see how to make the country kitchen a place for rest, communication with friends and close people.

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