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Home in Australia

Offer your assessment of the project “The Brighton Escape” by Ezra Georgia (Georgia Ezra) of the Australian studio GABBE In the area of the living room floor as if traded places with the ceiling, trapped white swirl stairs. Everything in this house work to promote relaxation.


Dressing room

Dressing – a system of storage, like a big closet that needs careful planning.   To start carefully think through where you can arrange a dressing as this will require places will look like the design of storage in the final version. Inspect your apartment and select at least 2.4 square meters. If plenty of space in the house, you can make future large closet.    In some apartments provides storage room, storage room or niche to store different things. This area is suitable for a cloakroom. You can build the entire structure along one wall or fitted wardrobe in…


Comfort in a small apartment

Scandinavian design is so simple and elegant that does not need any special supplements. He mainly allocated elements shebbi minimalism and chic. This wonderful apartment in Linnéstaden, a central district of Gothenburg, Sweden – gorgeous, bright and playful.


Interior design ideas for the bathroom

If you ever upset by the fact that a small proportion of the bathroom limit the ability to implement your vision of beauty and comfort, this project will try to at least inspire you to hope!


Hanging chairs

The shape and design of outboard seats are quite diverse, so they will be harmonious addition to any interior. Regardless of the room, which will host the suspension seat, it will bring additional warmth, comfort and convenience, and probably will, and feeling tale in which adults will dip with great pleasure. Original wicker chair to blend in interior home library, a nice design, as a “drop”, will retire and easy to read, without being distracted by extraneous matter. Incoming search terms: hanging chair , hanging chairs for bedrooms


7 Designed for small apartments

The focus of the designer shared design of walls and partitions, which makes a small apartment interesting and allows you to properly arrange bed.


Hauntingly Dark Interiors Inspired By Halloween

Dark interiors inspired HALLOWEENPosted. These rooms are designed to display inapplicable scary movie to watch in the comfort of your own home. What better way to hole inside, than dark and warm retreat? This season, all dark colors to use it in a new way. Beautiful dark walls, silhouette  and accessories and outdoor inspired patterns of a growing trend in the interior, and they can make a huge statement with not a lot of money.

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