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A two-room apartment with white walls.

OWNERS Oksana – deals in advertisement Andrey – a designer METRIC AREA 60 sq.m NUMBER OF ROOMS 2 FLOOR 5 CEILING HEIGHT 2.9 m Andrey and Oksana bought their first realty in Moscow seven years ago, having got tired of rental housing in residential districts. Taking into account quite low budget the couple was ready to agree to an apartment in an ordinary Khrushchyovka, but a classic two-room apartment with isolated rooms in one of the last Stalin buildings built in 1956 turned up all of a sudden. Only fretwork around lamps and three meter ceilings remained of the old-time Empire style…


The life of a designer

This beautiful home designer Michael Verheyden in Belgium. Michaël is a modern designer who creates for the contemporary home accessories and furniture. In his work, he often used natural leather, linen and other natural materials that look even better as time goes by, and more interesting.


Designer SMEG fridge

The unusual design decorate your kitchen refrigerator, and more. Your friends will envy you for sure when they see such an interesting design.


PuristChair from Elisa Honkanen

Designer Elisa Honkanen (Elisa Honkanen) has created a “puristic chair” or «PuristChair». Its design is called a “joint experiment with gravity.” Seat consists of only four wooden bars, plywood panel, two screws and a piece of cord made ​​of neoprene. A chair was brought before the public at the Milan Design Week 2012, and received first place in the “Object” in Interior Design Award at the Biennale of Interior 2012 in Kortrijk, Belgium. Incoming search terms: small apartments


7 Designed for small apartments

The focus of the designer shared design of walls and partitions, which makes a small apartment interesting and allows you to properly arrange bed.


Chair “Bambi” by Takeshi Sawada

Designer Takeshi Sawada (Takeshi Sawada) invented a unique chair “Bambi» (Bambi) pays tribute to deer forest animal was “adapted” to the chair. Seat fur speckled, artificial hooves and horns back.

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