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Best Ideas for Small Kitchens

Small island
A 50cm-wide island unit will provide much-needed workspace in a small kitchen, while pale colours and half shutters add a feeling of space.

Open shelving
Avoid the temptation to cram as many units into the room as possible as this will make the kitchen feel smaller. Classic wall-mounted plate racks are an ideal way to keep a country kitchen tidy.

Integrated appliances
Position fully integrated appliances alongside pull-out larder units and wall cabinets with concertina doors to make the most of your available space.

Accessible storage
Carefully locate storage according to use. Saucepans and utensils should be near the cooker and crockery, and glassware adjacent to the dishwasher.

Tall wall units
Try to look at all areas of the kitchen for hidden storage potential and make use of all available space. Utilise the full vertical storage potential of walls by fitting cabinetry flush to the ceiling.

Reflective surfaces
Recessed handles make for a streamlined design and will stop clothes catching on doors where space is tight, while reflective finishes such as mirrored-glass splashbacks, hi-gloss cabinetry and stainless-steel appliances are effective in kitchens that lack natural daylight.

Space-saving appliances
Choose compact versions of kitchen appliances and look out for products that perform more than one role, for example a combi-microwave or steam-combi oven. Luxury appliances aren’t just for large kitchens — this 45cm-high wine cooler stores 18 bottles in perfect conditions.

Pull-out drawers
Create organised and efficient storage space in your kitchen cupboards by installing several tiers of drawers.

Streamlined layout
Think about how you’ll move around the space and choose a kitchen layout that won’t restrict access to cupboards, appliances or the room itself. Here, fully integrated appliances are kept behind closed doors for a clutter-free look.

Efficient design
Ask your designer about special space-saving furniture, such as reduced depth cabinets and corner solutions. In this classic country kitchen, the width of the worktop on the left-hand side has been reduced by 10cm, leaving more space to move around in, and a slide-out corner cupboard brings hidden contents into view.

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