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7 Designed for small apartments

The focus of the designer shared design of walls and partitions, which makes a small apartment interesting and allows you to properly arrange bed.

A simple but ample furniture, what could be better for a small apartment, and brightly decorated box will add comfort.

Design a small apartment is unusual and bright, and the elements of lighting and decor make you feel cozy and comfortable.

Light and airy curtains will help the space outside the window visually fill your apartment, and unusual design of the wall will feel like a traveler.

Interesting design window decorations and adjacent walls make the apartment more, and the air long lamp fits perfectly into the interior.

High cabinets racks will accommodate a lot of important details in a small apartment, and sliding partitions, and the abundance of light expand the space.

The unusual design of the walls, bright furniture and stylish decor elements from a small apartment in a modern studio.

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