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Amazing marble linens

Drawing on the bed linen is created by modern printing on fabric, this bed linen are no flowers, birds and other favors, it is well suited for men. Linen is made under the black and white marble, which looks like a natural.


Huge clothespins as hanger

These hooks are made in the form of large pegs, they can cling to clothing, hats, and scarves, clips look very unusual, and they are huge, as if owned by the giants. Moreover such hardware is resistant to bad weather conditions and can be used on the street. The idea is very simple and interesting at the same time.


Small hooks in the form of butterflies

This item was created for the scattered people who constantly throw the keys, glass, books and other items around the house, and then cannot get them. This butterfly has been prepared as a hook and a shelf at the same time, it allows you to not only hang clothes, but also pose some little things. The butterfly made from simple materials – steel and can be purchased in any color.


A comfortable chair lounger

This chair is constructed of natural felt, wool and leather, ALSO INCLUDES STRUCTURAL METAL AND WOODEN FRAME, who helps chair folds and unfolds; it can be easy to carry with you on trips and long journeys.


The most unusual lights from the master Maurizio Lamponi Leopardi

These interesting lamps created by Italian designer Maurizio Lamponi Leopardi, all his life he was involved in a photo, but he wanted to make something with your own hands, and he began to get an interesting lamp with unusual floor lamps that you can see in this post.


Interesting decor bottles

Simple glass bottles can be an interesting accessory, not only be the container for water or other beverages. Some bottles are a good accessory can and some can and are functional, for example to make a bottle candle or lamp.


Unusual computer with a green lawn

New technologies hit with new ideas, such a computer will be able to renovate the interior of an apartment, and it is particularly well suited for the role. Simple computer turns into a mini garden. Grass grows to the height of the display panel and the parts that had to be cleared to hide inside the computer, where the bulb with soil and roots.

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