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Finishing off your living room

You’ve just moved into your dream house and have already bought all of the essential items you will need. However, something is still lacking in your living room, leaving it feeling bare and unfinished. These top tips will help you transform your living room from a minimalistic shell, to a cosy and inviting lounge. Soft Furnishings One way to instantly make your room seem more homely is with soft furnishings. A sofa with no cushions can look bare and unappealing. Invest in a mixture of plain and detailed cushions to add both comfort and style to your sofa. Contrasting bright…


Mirror which shows other parts of the room

These interesting mirrors was created by halb / halb, the most interesting thing is the mirror distorts the picture, it is formed of two pieces, the second part of the mirror can easily move, and things can be seen on the other side.


Leather sofas and chairs from designer Alex Hull

This beautiful and leather sofa and chairs created by designer Alex Hall. This complex consists of a leather furniture accessory, consists of a pair of chairs and a leather couch, he created them for the show, which was held in March 2013 in France. The architect was inspired by the ideas of the waves and the ocean.


Beautiful sofa Hamper Sofa from the factory Passoni Nature

Comfortable and beautiful lounge is constructed with beautiful melodies, which has beautiful melodies and soft wood pieces look very modern and aesthetically pleasing. The designer who created the sofa Arturo Montanelli and Ezio Riva.


Cute Couch The Kulle

This comfortable couch was made by designer Stefanie Schissler, the project was piecework as a school project, which has become popular not just school. The sofa is constructed with beautiful hills, reminiscent of fluffy clouds. This couch makes a warm and cozy and will certainly want everyone to try. Beautiful hill used as a pillow, which is very convenient.


Glamorous velvet sofa and chair

This glamorous sofa design created brothers Peter and George Slokoski – who are the designers of Bulgaria, the sofa looks like a large picture frame. Expensive and exquisite velvet and high-quality work performed by a carpenter looks great.


Wicker lamps from Chile

These lights look very cozy and comfortable, and thanks to the beautiful lighting will make a magical aura’s who wove these amazing lights. These lights seem very cozy and comfortable, and thanks to the beautiful lighting will give a magical aura.

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