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Shelf and coat rack all in one

These shelf Latvian designers have created a studio MAJO, thanks to this shelf can store a variety of accessories that can be hung in the closet. Shelves made of aluminum, and have been powder coated. The client can choose the color according to taste.


A cozy fireplace table in your home

A young but promising designer from Luxembourg Michaël Harboun created this unique table with a fireplace, he used artificial stone Corian for a combination of a table with an open fireplace. This table will be a wonderful object that will decorate a home or apartment especially in the cold season, which is already approaching.


Bright and magic carpets of pompons

Anyone can decorate the interior is not only beautiful and stylish carpet and a carpet of colorful pom-poms of different sizes, all pom-poms can be done with, it’s not that hard, just buy a multi-colored woolen thread and start the robot. Carpets made of pom-poms can be as bulky and with a slight nap.


Beautiful rug for the bedroom

The bedroom is the most familiar and cozy place for a person. That person falls asleep in the bedroom and greets the new day, so the room should be comfortable with. The bedroom should be paid much attention to detail, exacting bedside rugs are a part of comfort and coziness is to choose the rugs with a large stack.


An apartment on Vasilyevsky Island with a sea themed interior, many pictures, and an English stove in the kitchen.

HOSTS Pavel – a professor of the University, Yulya – culinary master-class hostess in LavkaLavka, Alisa – goes to a kindergarten NUMBER OF ROOMS 4 METRIC AREA 105 sq.m CEILING HEIGHT 3.3 m Pavel, Yulya, and their daughter Alisa moved into their apartment on Vasilyevsky Island last year on their tin wedding. There was a five-room communal apartment here, but the hosts made a large-scale relayout immediately after the move. A wardrobe room was arranged in one of the premises. There are neither chests of drawers, nor wardrobes due to it. A small bedroom was combined with the kitchen. So,…


Bright furniture Bokja from Lebanon

These bright interiors, comfortable seats are built on the basis of a complex woven fabric, these items have created a Lebanese designer Hoda Baroudi and Maria Hibri, they made interesting and vintage chair with beautiful vintage ornaments. Designers are buying old antiques, and update their old life, buying beautiful materials from Asia.


Chest of drawers in a house

Interesting designer Jesper Ståhl presented on display interesting project-dresser in a house with a beautiful window, fancy dresser so that the size of it is the size of a sheet of A4 paper. A resilient and user-friendly design makes it usable. Sam chest size matches the size of A0, and the doors and offices – from A1 to A8. The small door set in different colors makes this an interesting dresser.

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