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Behind the Scenes of the magazine Billboard

by Ira Voloshina, Afisha Company art-director.

The editorial office of 25-30 people (including Afisha-Mir Magazine) is settled on the third floor. Here in a huge balcony with the view of Tverskoy Avenue is situated. In summer-time it’s a great pleasure to sit on the benches along the avenue drinking tea or spirits and to admire the city panorama. There is a bit smaller balcony on the sixth floor, where the directorate has settled down. Here is a big negotiations room with an arched window with a splendid view which attracts even the most inflexible ones.

A small room for planning meetings, with a fluffy carpet lying on the floor, is joined the editorial room on the fifth floor.

The place for lunch:
There is no dining-room in Afisha editorial office. But then there is a special room on the first floor where it’s quite possible to warm up food, to sit at the table without staring at the monitor. However, usually while lunch-time the editorial staff is divided into groups and they go to the café. Being lack of time they buy food in the nearest kiosks and have a snack right at the working place, which is not forbidden. While celebration with drinks served it’s possible to drink them wherever, more specifically – where it’s more comfortable.

Space for leisure-time:
It’s possible to play table football in “Big City” editorial office on the fourth floor.

Favourite places:
Nastya Mikhailove, a photo-editor: “My favourite place is a sofa, as I am the person who is sleeping under the plaid while getting ready for handing; moreover it’s a great view of the board – the place of any casual ideas and thoughts concentration.”

As any other space for creative work, it’s mostly invented by employees themselves: pictures, photos, tables overloaded with magazines, stickers, chocolate wrapping and other pleasing small things, which are necessary for survival in nervous journalistic circumstances. Besides, there is a sofa in the editorial office which is very useful for a nap under a warm plaid while getting ready an issue for handing. Since recently easy pouffes has appeared in the same place.

Julia Vydolob, a reviewer: “I prefer the balcony. Unfortunately only few months of the year are comfortable for spending a pleasant time there. I’ve got a fine view of a fascinating sunset, the avenue and Pushkin restaurant terrace with its visitors who are looking on us with admiring envy, and so we are, because at work as a rule you feel hungry. In addition I like the negotiations room on the sixth floor for its soft light and funny cold metal table. And I do like the coffee-machine in a small kitchen on the sixths floor. It’s the best coffee-machine in the world. When I get the kitchen of my own I’ll buy the same one by all means.”
Masha Gorodzetskaya, a photo-editor: “My favourite place is on the sixths floor, there is a coffee-machine. A meditative making coffee helps to abstract from a nervous circumstances. Here Julia Vodolob usually takes photo of the things for her on-line shop.”

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