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Modern kitchens

Monochrome style
Black gloss finish does not look too dark, smooth white countertops and wooden breakfast bar, warm look, and make the kitchen more comfortable.

Beautiful texture
Mixed media still in vogue. Natural tones of wood and texture of walnut worktops are a good backdrop for the thin walls of gray hi-gloss cabinetry behind.

Curves is unusual
Composite countertops can be formed in a number of specific areas. Here, a thin curved surface lines echo units below the modern circuit with excellent exposure.

Unusual shot of color
Experiment to make a bold statement with a wall of closets in your favorite color. Deep purple in combination with bright white makes an elegant and rich attractive combination.

Kitchen dining
New kitchens, with their sleek sense, you can easily integrate with the informal dining room – just add a table of the island, some tables and comfortable seating.

Natural materials
New and modern does not have to mean solid blocks of color. Here, the horizontal wood grain veneer with aluminum frame creates a beautiful and stylish compromise between ultra modern and wood kitchen.

Reverse suite
If you are tired brilliance that do not meet all the requirements, will look good subdued matte cabinets Scandinavian loft living feel, perfect for open plan kitchen.

Using a door mat
Enhance the look of glossy diagram with glass fronts of the cabinet. Frosted glass, even if you think that you can hide any mess behind. Hide jars, plates and unnecessary things. The kitchen creates a clean and tidy.

Bar in the center of
Turn your island into the focal point with the application materials and dramatic exhaust fan overhead. Beautiful island will look very interesting, and now the house can hold a party, get together with friends and relax.

Fancy cabinets without handles
Combine warm wood, open storage, and soft neutrals with smooth pleasant, non-stick design for a modern look with a welcoming feeling very organic look.

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