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Round bed convertible

The new solution came up with Italian designer bed consists of two symmetrical sofas that come together turning into a full bed for guests and fastened to each other by only one bracket.


Modern sofas

Beautiful modern sofas – is a quality and comfortable furniture for the whole family. You can relax after a busy day, dropping to a soft seat sofa. This invention is a modern sofa, is an integral part of any interior. Choose a sofa in a modern style – the problem is not that simple. Sofa should be bright, but it fits easily into the interior


Modern sofas from Vitra

Since this piece of furniture is one of the largest, one might say, significant in the room, we decided to find a couple of good options that will fit perfectly in a modern interior. This collection of the Vitra – just a riot of modern shapes and colors! – Just what you need to update the long bored with the old design of your room. Enjoy it! White perfectly refreshing look, and also serves as a simply fabulous backdrop for mixing it contrasting bright colors embodied in pillows or other colorful touches. Do not forget that not all of the…


Multifunctional Sofas

Sofa that holds you in his arms, while you are watching your favorite movie. Yes, your dreams have come true with a unique model of realized Italian furniture brand Campeggi: sofa called Sosia! From sofa and armchairs to L-form of a conversation nook, face to face, sitting area, sofa and even a private enclosed space that can be used as a dressing room … sofa more than the total piece of furniture. This sofa has become a favorite for all, and one of the most popular items from the house! Created by Milan designer Emanuele Magini this sofa can set…

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