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Glamorous furniture from Louis Vuitton

Famous designer Jason Phillips came up with a unique interior with prints of famous LV, a furniture company Phillips Collection bring them to life, releasing a series of exclusive fashion sofas light and dark tones. The light fabric furniture blends with multicolored monogram and brown – with yellow. Also there is an unusual chair with logo.


The blue color in the interior

Do not be afraid to experiment! On a bright color you can paint a room or one of the walls – this will give the room depth. So, blue is associated with the color of the sky and the sea, one of the main colors in the palette. With blue go perfectly as bright colors – yellow, green, coral, and less flashy – white, all shades of beige, brown and purple.


Yellow Inside

Yellow, which lifts our spirits! But when painting your walls, yellow, often cutting eye color to get right. He often comes too green or too pale and washed out. Yellow, which have a strong depth and make you fresh again. It’s no secret that the yellow light has long been the choice of color for the interior. And why not? Sunny, warm and uplifting.


Orange in the interior

Designers say: “Do you want to get attention, not to make a sound? Dressed in all orange – is eye-catching. “What about the interior? Is there a danger in the use of color, who habitually on overalls municipal workers?


Yellow in the interior

UK Statistics Realtors says that if the cottage door painted in yellow, the house will go under the hammer faster. Try to understand why the room where there are elements reminiscent of sunflowers and buttercup, looks attractive and awakens in us a sense of happiness.


Kitchen design ideas

Beautiful and unusual, but reclamation m should be your first port of call. Places like Lassco Retrouvius and do all the quests for you, but this is reflected in their price. Find great butler sink Bailey home and garden, along with other utilitarian kitchenalia. Incoming search terms: spectacular houses

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