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New design ideas WORKPLACE

Individual work – is the performance of work at home, professional work, self-education, creativity, etc. This requires well-designed workplace, because of its organization depends on many things – attention, concentration and even inspiration master room.


Frank – a desk lamp from Pana Objects

Brand Pana Objects at the Bangkok Design created a table lamp with the name Frank (Frank). The design was inspired by the light obrazommilogo little puppy who runs, jumps and plays around when you get home. Made of beech, Frank can be a wonderful addition to revitalizing decorative design as your family home and workplace. Incoming search terms: desk lamp


Miniature house

Small houses – economic, technical and architectural ingenuity can do it with little or no loss of comfort. Unusual house, two-story house located on a small plot of land. House is completely made of wood, environmental option for people who cherish nature, and their health. House just outside seems small. It has a kitchen, living room, living room, toilet, bathroom, shower. All of this is placed on the area of 18 square meters. The heart of this home – functionality, for extra furniture, household items, and things just do not fit in here. Convenient computer functions and convenient place to…


Interior Workplace

If you are not afraid to “admit” the work of the house, it is to handle the arrangement of the workplace: a dedicated room or corner of the apartment. Fit jobs in their structures apartments – not an easy task, but solvable. Especially if it is a mobile workstation.

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