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Print with bright colors in the interior

Floral motifs in the interior sets a certain tone: give comfort, peace and joy. Flowers – it’s a rare pattern that seriously mess up the room, even using it in large quantities. In fashion as modest patterns of wild flowers and pictures of ever-popular roses. Designers share floral patterns on small, medium and large. Floral motifs in the interior effectively looked in all the rooms: the bedroom, living room, dining room, kitchen and even the bathroom. Also, what is the solution decorating residential looks very nice, such a move also distracts from some drawbacks interior. Deciding to diversify home decoration…


Homemade workplace

Home office can be made from different materials, both natural and man-made modern. Classic wooden furniture looks solid, and does not lose its relevance. Plastic models are suitable for the young ladies who love shocking. Glass shelves and tables appear weightless and can be located visually without cluttering the space, even in small spaces. Metal furnishings look very stylish. Women are more selective in the colors and meticulously apply to forms of furniture. Furniture manufacturers have provided the taste preferences of their clients and offer furniture in all shapes, from traditional strict geometric forms, to more unusual, intricately curved variety…

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