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The exteriors of the online magazine Lonny

Bimonthly online magazine Lonny is an excellent source for those who like the style of interior design, as well as for simple mods and fashionistas. Based designer Michelle Adams and photographer Patrick Cline, the publication publishes beautiful images, which can not inspire a wonderful exterior, no matter whether you are dreaming of the sun terrace on the roof, surrounded by dense vegetation or forest nest of paradise in a spacious pool. Create multiple levels in your garden, adding pavilions, which not only look great, but also can create a shadow, so necessary in the heat of summer. In a large-scale,…


Fractal Garden – A Garden On Wheels

Andrea Legg, Deborah Lewis and Murray Legg art and architecture collective, Legge Lewis Legge, invented a very special garden. Named Fractal garden, this was done by connecting the parts rhomboid planters.Forma supported on wheels and integrated to give it a geometric shape and character. They are good for small roofs and summer terraces, which are generally devoid of vegetation.

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