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Beautiful Hanging terrarium – a lamp

The designer, born in Mexico and has lived in the Netherlands, Jose de la O presented a gorgeous pendant light, which is both a vegetable garden. The lamp uses a special lamp, which provides an increased amount of blue light to help plants grow. The designer sees the lamp is not only a source of light, but also a resource for growing vegetables in the city, where there is never enough space for gardening.


Bench in your garden.

The most convenient place to put the corner of rest and garden benches – a cozy, quiet place, in the most picturesque corner of the garden. If Croft has a large area, the bench or bench or placed along the garden paths in the end, at the entrance to the house, pool or fountain. Perfect on garden benches placed on the lawn, you only have to lawn grass was resistant to trampling. Look great and have to rest benches that are in the hedge, the green arches and pergolas. Not far from the vegetable garden, you can fit a bench…

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