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Cross stitch on the wall

Unusual wall decor, painted in the form of embroidery, looks very beautiful and unusual, large embroidery. Incoming search terms: cross stitch


Unusual chair with his hands

Today we’ll show you how easy it is to make interesting chair from simple improvised. You will need the simple things: tires, fabric, padding polyester, insulation, nails, plywood.


Japanese garden

In these photos predastavlen garden beautiful and unusual. Japanese garden essentially designed to promote peace and tranquility, so this garden design preferred designers in the world. You can plant your own beautiful and harmonious Japanese garden, adding  elements that always exist in the Japanese garden design below: 1. Bonsai. The have item for creating  beautiful  Japanese garden plants bonsai trees. 2. Moss. Do not forget to put the item in the entrance and around the sides of the garden for the welcoming. These green make sense of calm and confidence. 3. Stone lantern. Get a mysterious, warm and exotic garden…


Creative Display Shelf Ideas

All items that are displayed, they deserve a decent display shelf to be installed on. There may be display pieces that are relics, DIY Curiously, bookcases, who read to you and many other parts of the display that people can come up with. Here are the most unusual, interesting, many shelves you will like some of them will be just as good with nothing on them at all.

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