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Plants on batteries

New and unusual pot plants on batteries just press and aims to increase urban residents who want to grow plants at home. You just need to carry batteries and 1 liter of plain water to grow plants, and above all not required extra care! The system will inform you when the need to change the water, or batteries! It is very simple and convenient.


Interesting side tables

When it comes to our comfort, bedside table is one of the essential parts. Phone, hand cream, notebook, favorite magazine, alarm clock and warm socks – we are surprised at how much can fit into such a small piece of furniture. These unusual and original bedside tables, which are not only become functional storage space, but also bring a touch of style to the interior of your bedroom.


Design ideas kitchen tile

Kitchen is a place which gathers all the members of the family together. The kitchen should be cozy and its design has to be not only attractive but also functional. All this means that designing and decorating kitchen is an important task and the owner should approach to this decision intelligently. How many options of finishing the working space in the kitchen do you know? Decorating kitchen, we must think about easy cleaning of working space. It’s also important to choose the right variant because of various culinary smells that are often absorbed there. The finishing tile, perhaps, is the…


Interesting decision lamp

Interesting lamps from Presse Citron doubles as the two of them to keep the additions to the minimum. Consider this funny lamp accessories and lighting element, and stick it into a blank wall, or stack a few on the floor to create a unique group. Made of polyurethane, these lights are reliable and make a great piece of decor, even when not lit, they look amazing and unusual. The wood in the house, but still burning, have fun!


Interesting furniture part 2

Typically, unusual furniture differs unusual forms, proportions and materials. It is important that these things fit perfectly in the interior. Even if it will need to redo the entire room (or even flat). Incoming search terms: дизайнерская мебель


Wall mirror in a funky style of Thabto

Good look in the mirror and the mirror looks good – perhaps that was the idea to call this unusual wall mirror “Looking Good!” Trendy black frame, smoked glass, the price in the online store $ 400. Incoming search terms: unusual furniture , funky mirrors


Fun decor ideas

We would like to show unusual ideas for the decoration of your home. On the other hand, they seem ridiculous. Table on which to draw with crayons during a meal, write something out of your head. Funny carpet of beads that can be used as a toy for dogs, given that it is not expensive, and is made by hand. Boxes with inscriptions, convenient and practical, not to be found in a pile of things that you just need to face. Surprise other ideas!

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