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The bright design idea kitchen apron

Kitchen apron called fragment of the wall above the work surface. When choosing a kitchen apron is aware that you and your household members will have to look at it every day. The most elegant and beautiful, no doubt, be called glass kitchen aprons. Today it is the most practical and popular products. They bribe durability, integrity entire surface, ease of care, a variety of colors and ease. Translucent glass kitchen aprons particularly advantageous look as well selected illumination. Often, these products are made to order, and the other on the wall plate can be applied to any parent. Elegant…


Original lamp from the pipe

Foreign trade mark «Kozo lamps» produces the light of the pipes, which is very original and unique, because with than the light because it is not associated with the water pipes. Thus, under this brand started to implement half-baked light in a unique design, which led to the great popularity of these. The price of these products is about $ 250, some models are a little cheaper, some a little more expensive.


A unique hotel in a container

Reconditioned shipping containers are a versatile material when it comes to their use in architecture. «Sleeping Around» (literally translated to English as “sleep around”) is a unique and spacious hotel, consisting of six recycled containers that through the efforts of the design team turned into luxury hotel rooms. Four containers are used as hotel rooms, one is a breakfast area, and the latter has contained in its bosom a small sauna. Each of the guests presented twenty-foot hotel room is for a maximum comfort. For room amenities include a floating spring beds, air conditioning, a dock for iPod, and a…


Swedish bedroom

When it comes to Scandinavian interior, the first thing that catches your eye is always bright, with many details lounges. However, the Swedes know how to work with more private areas. Despite the fact that each of the thirty bedrooms presented itself unique, common parts can still be traced.


Unique Christmas Tree

With the holiday season is already upon us, it can be difficult to come up with an exciting interesting topics for your tree and home decor. Traditional wood structures for information, and get ideas for your celebration of the holiday. Incoming search terms: christmas tree , french christmas tree , christmas tree decorations


Furniture Collection

When someone finds a new way of working with materials worth attention. When this man to think and create machine especially apply their ideas and create unusual objects as a result of a combination of materials, that man worths onions. Antonio Alvarez is that person and you are invited to see its unique products and the method he used to create it. As a result, the objects can be considered quite a lot of furniture, how they work and are functional objects. Pieces of wood (recycled or new) are held together by a few threads bathed in glue.


Student Break

There is something special about how to deal with specific Yael Tandler as everyday dough. I mean, obviously, you can knead it, but wanting to create unique objects, leaving the outcome of the force of gravity is not an easy solution to a common designer. For Yael is “the story of the everyday, the main material, which creates unique objects in the home assembly line.” Specific area Yael could be the beginning of endless possibilities and countless objects!

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