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Transparent colored chairs chairs

Before your eyes the original design of the chairs – a clear line shape without bends, angles, exposures of designs and shapes, transparency, and color saturation. Such transparent colored chairs are more suitable for fashionable offices for recreation in the boutiques or galleries of contemporary art, in general, for public places and quite glamorous.


Black Kitchen or How to Avoid Mistakes

Black color, certainly, looks very elegantly. If it is used correctly, it will decorate any house and any room. Designers love black color because it fills space with a rhythm and graphics, it does the room elegant. They recommend to avoid three things while working with a black color. The first thing is that black color shouldn’t be used much. Unambiguously, when black color is oversupplied it is not good, regardless of the space sizes. Choose one quite large area where it will be present. If you decide to use black only locally and on rather small details, it can…


Chair of the studio Toer

Based in the Netherlands, the studio created an original Toer Domed chair (in the original “The Dome Stool”). The unique design of the seats creates a feeling like sitting in the air! Here’s what they say about the project developers: “Eighty curved steel rods come from the wooden base, creating the perfect elegant dome. This strong form, often used in architecture and known as the Pantheon, making chair is strong enough to be comfortable for him to sit. Base chair made of beech and their round shapes stands in strong contrast to the rigid metal bars of the dome. with…


Hey – is the name of hay mattresses

Furniture by designer Fabio del Percio of transparent PVC and packed 100% clean hay from Iceland. The main highlight of the series Hey * According to the author, is a combination of traditional and unjustly forgotten material and modern transparent shell. Each of the buyers will be able to see their hay – promises designer.

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