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Chair with bookshelves

Contrary to the development of high technology, the demand for print media still remains. OpenBook – one more chair-library, this time represented by the designers of the British studio TILT. OpenBook combines a comfortable seat and a mini-library, which would be appropriate, both as a member of the public space, as well as part of a cozy bedroom or living room. Minimalist chair has a high back and a soft leather interior, providing comfort and relative privacy and soundproofing.


SLR applications

Wall decor with the help of mirror applications. Technology is now gone so far that is a mirror may be plastic, but the interesting idea of it can be implemented. These elements are made of high-gloss plastic or vinyl mirror stickers, they are sold ready-made, and they can be cut to order, according to your sketches or finished



LEDs surprise the audience today is not easy. But designers do not give up and are more and more solutions for home lighting with LED-technology.

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