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Apartment with terrace

Simple and comfortable design of the apartment with a terrace and want to live there! Hanging out with friends, have fun, play games. Spacious living room with comfortable sofas, a large window is the door to the terrace. Interesting pictures on the walls, which will surely make yourself masters. A small terrace where one can lie down, and sit and chat with friends, it’s even possible to light up, or do exercises in the morning! Bedside tables are made of hemp, not expensive, and beautiful! Small kitchen, but in white, which extends it. Interesting lamp in the living room creates…


Desktop one for two

Working table for two can be located in the middle of the room, in a corner or against a wall. The main advantage of such furniture – it is equally well fit into any decor and fit any home style solution. Particularly popular desktop for two is the regeneration of the children and youth rooms. His comfort in the fact that two people, while engaging in such a table, can use it to diversify. Conveniently, if support for a table for two will be tables with shelves – it will give more space to store some stationery items. In this…


Interesting furniture

This post is provided for those who are interested in unusual furniture, and for those who want to diversify interesting interior furniture. Unusual shelves, tables, stands, and other accessories. Departing from the simple things, experimenting. Incoming search terms: interesting furniture


Best kitchen tables

The large table-island (island) is the heart of any modern kitchen. This versatile item of kitchen furniture, which has a number of additional shelves to store a variety of accessories, is divided into several working surfaces, and can hold up to, for example, a sink or cooktop. This provides significant savings in space of your kitchen. It should be noted that one of the main roles to be played by a similar kitchen island – it’s certainly the role of “collector” of the whole family in one place. Family members or just come to visit friends, love to spend time…


Garden Tables by Langan Fine Arts

Presented today garden table, which can be used as Stepping Stones. Langan Art can not find a common element between the person table garden and Steppin stones to decorate their décor painted table. The material from which it is manufactured stone, unusual and very monumental figures, these objects are very distinct decor garden. Of course, everyone will love these pieces of stone in good shape in a hexagonal design. It is noteworthy that the surface of the tables for the garden you can enjoy and be inspired by forms of nature with artistic reasons very well handled.


Disfatto by Denis Guidone

Denis Guidone very famous designer who creates products that exude a sense of rigor and gallantry beyond our ordinary everyday objects. His projects take simple products to a new level by incorporating new and unusual features, or just a new stimulating aesthetic. Disfatto is a series of furniture designed for the Italian brand that is D3co pieces with soft lines and simple shapes and forms. It consists of a sofa, chairs and tables, Disfatto meet your needs and zhelaniya.Plyushevy couch and chair, and a friendly cozy tables have quality furniture, all the while having the opportunity to create a modern…


BÁSICO furniture collection

This line of furniture is designed for the needs of the first in the home: tables, chairs, stools and tables, pine products are neutral, simple and clean, allowing natural interaction between man and object. Whether the association is built, or soon will be developed, are the products that generate the experience. Person chooses the furniture that will be useful to him for study, reading books, drawing.

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