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White bathroom

Design white bathroom will never get bored! Clean, quiet, simple but stylish white bathroom each time will surprise you with a variety of options for decorating. To make the design white bathroom dynamics, use the game with textures, let part of the floor will be filled with concrete, the other part is lined with snow-white ceramic tiles. Walls can sheathe the wood paneling or just paint waterproof paint.


Fun decor ideas

We would like to show unusual ideas for the decoration of your home. On the other hand, they seem ridiculous. Table on which to draw with crayons during a meal, write something out of your head. Funny carpet of beads that can be used as a toy for dogs, given that it is not expensive, and is made by hand. Boxes with inscriptions, convenient and practical, not to be found in a pile of things that you just need to face. Surprise other ideas!



Around the world make furniture from sawdust – it will surprise nobody. But in the West thriving and another trend – active use in the manufacture of wood furniture “is not the first freshness.” And it is not just shameful secret, but, on the contrary, a reason to be proud.

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