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Beautiful chandelier in interior

Chandelier – it is an important element of any interior, which has not only functional but also decorative role. It gives the room a special atmosphere of comfort and relaxation, filled with light and shine. Therefore, most people choose beautiful chandeliers that are meant to emphasize the design ideas and style of the room. First chandeliers appeared in the 4th century in the Byzantine Empire, where they use pendant lights. Even then, the master strove to create the most beautiful chandeliers, using stone, bronze, wood, mica. They come up with more original and unusual options chandeliers, intricate shapes attached to…


Spring in your home

Spring insistently knocking on our windows cheerful drops. The sun is shining brighter, just like spring birds singing. In nature, everything is changing, wakes up from hibernation. To brighter feel spring coming just need to refresh and update their home environment. If you still do not know the joy of spring awakening of your garden, then you should try it right this spring. You just bought a flower shop and noticed that he planted in peat and in the smallest pot. Flowers in the house always create a special atmosphere. The first spring flowers: delicate tulips, daffodils, violets liven and…

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