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The Ideal Place to Store Wine

The culture of winemaking is accompanied by a special charm, and wine bottles not an exception – they can become the real decoration of an interior. If you are a judge of wine, you have certainly thought about what place to allocate for it. It can be special cells in the kitchen, wine racks and even special furniture for the wine storage. But it is not all the options … Be convinced of it! Especially I was struck by “a wine tree” and cells in the kitchen at the level of several meters. If you have a small kitchen and…


Small-sized kitchen

The first thing you notice looking at the small kitchen – is, of course, the color! Remarkably fresh, clean and cheerful. Turquoise. If you look closely, see the interesting findings to save space: there is no dining table thereof, a narrow countertops along the walls. Chairs are light and elegant, without backs – so if you want, you can slide under the table top. Overall color supported and small household appliances. Perfectly fits into the big picture and live greens on a windowsill and light curtains, as a result, a small but very comfortable and functional kitchen.

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