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Examples Shabby-chic

In the style of Shabby chic is now fashionable to draw not only the cafe. All that before would have been considered a “state of emergency” wall and floor – now exposed to the outside. Incoming search terms: shabby chic ideas


Finds home in the style of Shabby Chic

Shabby chic / shabby chic – the name of the style in interior decoration and fashion. Its main characteristic is the name of style, it’s kind of worn and ripped things. Things in the Shabby Chic style – these are things with history, ideally vintage, but you can get fashionable “worn” and independently, using different techniques. Shabby to choose interior furniture, household goods and decorative elements in bright pastel colors, such as white, cream, blue, green, off-pink. For style by: small floral prints, plain ornaments. Furniture in a style easily fit in Farm and country decor. Thus, the paint peeling…

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