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Coffee Table with light from the Nugget Hollow HUXHUX Design

HUXHUX Design – is a young design studio, with a growing workload. They explore a variety of minimalist furniture design trends, but try to combine art with minimalism and functionality. HUXHUX draws inspiration from the sculptures of Tony Smith and Donald Judd. Nugget Hollow has a table with lighting in the form of a cube with a small cut in the corners. Made of solid birch table, completely handmade. Interior furnishing in acid green, blue and bright orange colors.


Stickers with 3D effect

Now add the amount of the wall and visually enlarge the space of the room has become much easier. This is made possible by the creative 3d stickers that can instantly create the illusion of the presence of niches or recessed frame – showcases (shadow box) on the wall. Just close you can see that standing in a niche vases, sculptures and toys – just a flat picture, but overall they look quite realistic. One of the important benefits of these labels is that they are reusable, they can be removed and stick several times, thus leaving no residue.


Wooden lamps and sculptures

Under the brand Split Grain American designer Paul Foekler (Paul Foeckler) creates stylish minimalist fixtures and sculptures of California cypress. Incoming search terms: WOODEN LAMPS

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